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Hello, my name is

Stefan Pakić

HTML, CSS, JS (jQuery), WordPress, Photoshop

About me

I have been working with technology since I got my first PC in 2000. While I was an avid gamer I was never interested only in games, I always liked looking behind what I saw to see how it all worked. I quickly became the 'computer guy' to my family and friends and today I am a front-end developer. And i like it! While I learned several programming languages in high school my path became clear in 2012 when I entered "The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies".
After graduation, I learned HTML, CSS, JS (jQuery), WordPress with use of udemy and youtube. Shortly after learning that, I got a remote position where I worked for 8 months converting designs into fully functional and responsive websites. And on side I have been working as a freelancer outside of any platforms.
In August 2018. I quit that position and joined on UpWork.
In meantime, while I was working I was learning other technologies, I have worked with Express - Node.js, MongoDB, PHP, mySQL. Done some basic projects, but never got commited to any of it.
Currently I got commited to Learn ReactJS with Redux. And I have used it with Firebase to build some basic applications.

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